We defend

We are the one and only Japanese parachute manufacturer supporting the Japan Self-Defense Forces

We protect

We make water rescue life-preservers for the Japan Self-Defense Forces, construction workers, and sportsman*

We innovate

We make world-class weather balloon for ©JAXA and space capsule recovery parachute for the JAXA Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa

What we do protect lives

We are proud of our track record of "zero safety incidences", and we remain always vigilant for safety and quality of our work.

JSDF: Fujikura Parachute is the sole defense vendor in Japan providing parachutes to the Japan Air, Ground, and Maritime Self-Defense Forces.

Life-Preservers: Fujikura Parachute is the only Japanese company that provides life-preservers to the Japan Air, Ground, and Maritime Self-Defense Forces. We also produce life-preservers for construction workers and sportsman.

JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. This weather balloon is the largest in Japan with fully expanded volume of 300,000 m3.

Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa: Hayabusa is an asteroid explorer vehicle created by JAXA to explore asteroids, send back artifacts, and return safely back to earth.