Our patented, micro-thin film technology protects the body from exposure to harsh elements

Our anti-exposure, survival, and anti-G suits use thin film processing technology first applied in coating airplane wings, airships, balloons, and parachutes. Layering two to three 1/1,000 mm (micron) thin cloth produces lighter and stronger protection that give incomparable comfort and ease of wear.

Engineered to help the body survive

The design and features of our specialty suits are backed by hard medical and human engineering research. Our proprietary system analyzes human body measurements from both medical and human engineering perspective, which we incorporate into our products. That is the difference that makes the difference!

In the cockpit or out, our suit protects so you can continue with your mission

Our specialty suits are made to be worn both in and out of planes. We custom design the clothing to be compatible your cockpit, PFEs, and hazard conditions. Contact us with your special needs. If we can't do it, nobody can.

PFE: Pilot Flight Equipment.