Constantly Developing New Products That Are Safer and More Reliable

As the time changes, so does the requirement for descending personnel from height and protecting their lives. Also, there are always new items that need to be dropped or maneuvered which require new parachutes to drop them safely. We believe that a parachute manufacturer should respond to these changes, so we constantly strive to develop new parachutes and technology and be the leader in this field.

No matter how requirements change, need for safety and reliability will always be expected. For this reason, we conduct thorough tests while considering all possible scenarios in order to develop new products and establish new production technology. It goes without saying that parachutes should always be extremely reliable.

  • Wind Tunnel Test Station at the Funehiki Plant. Only commercial test center of its kind in Japan.

  • Dropping Test Station at the Funehiki Plant. Tests are repeatedly carried out until a secure hookup posture has been confirmed.

Numerous inspections guarantee "absolute performance" to save lives

Our goal is to produce equipment that protects people's lives in dangerous situations. The quality of our parachutes is bolstered by a thorough inspection system as well as our employees' strong sense of commitment.
We double and triple check quality during each of processes of selecting materials, receiving, cutting, processing, sewing, packing, and shipping to guarantee absolute performance. Our inspection standards are much higher than the ones required by customers and the law. We are most proud of our company's quality guarantee.

  • Production of ultra-thin film for a high-altitude balloon made of world's thinnest polyethylene film. The balloon reached 53.7 km on Sept. 20, 2013 setting a new world record.

  • Wind tunnel serve both as parallel and horizontal
    ●Actuation:Indoor circulation
    ●Nozzle size:1500×1500 mm
    ●Max wind speed:30 m/sec
    ●Electric motor:160 kW
    ●Measure: six component force balance

  • Physical property and strength testing facility

  • Environmental testing facility

  • Environmental testing facility