Our core competence: Making world-class parachutes

We are a team of engineers and craftsmen that take pride in making safe and high quality parachutes. And, we have been doing it since 1916. Round parachutes, square parachutes, drag chutes, cargo chutes, you name it, we make it. That's why we are the one and only Japanese parachute manufacturer supporting the entire Japan Self-Defense Forces.

We take "Japanese quality" seriously

Out top priority is to create parachutes that is best-in-breed in engineering, high quality in construction, and safe under extreme conditions. We are always vigilant for quality and safety, and proud of our track-record of "zero safety incidences" of our products.

We are a small and agile company that thrives in this niche market. With our 70+ years of experience in making parachutes, we can help you to create a customized parachute to meet your special needs. Contact us!

JSDF: Fujikura Parachute is the sole defense vendor in Japan providing parachutes to the Japan Air, Ground, and Maritime Self-Defense Forces.