If it floats up or down, we can make it

Our 3.4-micrometer-thick polyethylene film high-altitude weather balloon for ©JAXA broke the world record by rising up to 53 km (32 miles). Our capsule-recovery parachute safely brought down JAXA's Asteroid Explorer Ship Hayabusa capsule and its artifacts safely from deep space. These two milestones are our commitment to innovation and willingness to take risks.

We save lives on the ground and deep beneath the sea

We also save lives on the ground. Our Super Soft-landing Mattress assists emergency response teams to save those in distress who must jump to their safety. We create survivor slings for helicopter extraction of victims in hard-to-reach terrain. And our sea anchors leverage our know-how in making parachutes to moor ships more efficiently than traditional metal anchors.

If you can think it, we can probably make it

We are committed to continually learn, innovate, and grow. In that spirit, if you ever thought that "if only we had this kind of a product...", come talk to us about how our core competence can make your thoughts come true.

JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Equivalent of NASA in the U.S.

Hayabusa: JAXA's technology demonstrator spacecraft to explore asteroids and their artifacts as well as technology to safely return to earth.