The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) needs to use extremely reliable balloons when performing experiments in outer space; our balloons are the ones they employ!
We support JAXA by providing balloons that can go higher (from the stratosphere to the mesosphere) and last longer (from one week to one year).

  • Cosmoscience observation equipment and weather observation balloon

  • Ultra-thin film high-altitude balloon

Super Soft Landing PodsCommercial

Super Soft Landing Pod absorbs the shock of landing from a height of up to 15 m. It has already saved human lives in building fires and other similar structures. With the incident of fires increasing, our product will continue to help save lives.

Rescue Vest SlingMilitaryCommercial

A vest type sling for use in mountain and sea rescues. When wearing this vest, a person is supported over a wide body area, from the neck to the knees, thus preventing a large load from being placed on a small area of the body. The vest has a simple design and is easy to put on.

  • Evacuation Harnesses

Sea anchorMilitaryCommercial

Sea Anchor is used in marine accident prevention, fishing, and anchoring large ships. It can be used for leisure activities as well.

  • Sea Ancher FB/FC type

Hayabusa Retrieval ParachuteCommercial

On June 2010, Hayabusa landed and successfully retrieved near Australia. We selected materials that would age very little in the environment of space. The parachute functioned after 7 years of low temperatures in the vacuum of space. We are currently participating to the 'Hayabusa 2' project.