On the ship or on the docks, know that you are secure

Our life preserver jackets use the same micro-thin film technology used in the anti-exposure suits. That means, these jackets are light, strong, and comfortable. They are designed to stay out of your and your equipment's way until you need it.

Complies with Japan's high safety standard

Our life preserver jackets meet the safety standard set by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. So whether you are on a war ship, in a pleasure boat, or on a dock, feel secure in knowing that you are protected by our commitment to excellence in workmanship and unrivaled safety, vouched by the full faith of Japanese government.

Evidence-based Engineering

Our life preserver jackets come in automatic-inflatable and solid flotation models. No matter which model you use, our preserver design is back by our proprietary human engineering analysis and extensive human testing. We also engineer and manufacture our own automatic-inflatable canister system and related parts in-house. So choose our existing products or customize your own, talk to us about your unique requirements.