Parachute for free fall Model FS-300Military


Compact - Light - High-specification

●Possible to switch between S/L (static line) and F/F (free fall) system anytime
●Possible to exit at an altitude of 2,000 ft to 25,000 ft
●Possible to load maximum weight up to 360 lbs
●Possible to hang and drop an equipment container
●Changeable speed up to approx. 14 km/s using the trimming system
●Good sustainability at low speed (approx. 2 m/s)


Item Specification
Max. Aircraft Speed (S/L) 150 kt
Max. All up weight 360 LBS
Ship weight 17 kg
Hem diameter Main 300 SQ ft (28㎡)
Reserve 300 SQ ft (28㎡)
Opening shock Maximum 6G
L/D Main 4.3
Reserve 3.8
Gliding speed Crusing 9.6 m/s
Maximum 13.9 m/s
Material canopy Main Ripstop Nylon (0 porosity)
Reserve Ripstop Nylon (low porosity)
Harness line High elasticity polyethylene


  • Front

  • Side

  • Back(Free fall)

  • Back(Static Line)