From marine leisure to small boaters, FN70 life-jacket can be used in variety of conditions

The wearer can inflate the air chamber either by CO2 gas or by blowing into it by mouth. While in storage, the air chamber folds in-between the protective cover, and is very light and compact in size. The unit is designed to inflate automatically when it senses water. The wearer can also pull the cord and activate it manually. FN-70 Hayabusa is very versatile so it can be used as a safety device in small boats.

  • Red

  • Black

  • Yellow

  • Blue

Functional Enhancements

● New indicator window allows for easily checking the status and fitting of the gas cylinder and cartridge
● Adjustable ring around the back and waist to better fit your body

  • Point 1
    Easily check the gas cylinder and cartridge status: Red for used; Green for unused

    Can easily change the jacket cover (option)

  • Point 2
    Easily change the jacket color by changing the cover

    The yellow‐cover jacket has special coating (i.e. anti‐static, soil-resistance), so it can be used in harsh conditions

Name of item FN-70
Material, parts Cover: Nylon
Belt: Polypropylene
Inflation bag: Nylon single component polyurethane
Way of Inflation Inflation: water sensing, manual
Gas cylinder: 17 g CO2 gas cylinder
Approval type No. 5082
Weight Approx. 600 g
Inflation more than 7.5 kg
Color Red, Navy, Black
Option: Yellow