Solid-type Workman's Life Jacket
(FN-101, FN-201)Commercial


●Stuffiness-free “skeleton-back type”, ensuring comfort of wear (FN-201)

●Wide back opening helps to increase air permeability while eliminating hotness when the jacket is worn

●Side buckle facilitates size adjustment. Life jacket aiming at comfort from the viewpoint of users

  • FN-201

  • Front-fastener type (FN-101)

Type designation FN-101 FN-201
Type approval No. No. 1870 No. 4220
Material and components Main body cloth: Acryl-coated nylon cloth
Floating buoyant material; Independent foamed polyethylene
Reflective material; Retro-reflective tape
Floating buoyancy Approx. 8.2 kg Approx. 8.4 kg
Product weight Approx. 340 g Approx. 375 g
Color Orange Orange yellow

The listed floating buoyancy is for information only. The type approval reference value is 7.5 kg or more.
◎The product shown above is TYPE-A applicable in the entire navigable area (for small vessels).
◎Please note that the color and specifications of the product shown in this catalog may be changed without notice.